2019 Intramural OPEN

Hurricane CrossFit Intramural Open


The 2019 Hurricane CrossFit Intramural Open is here! We have three teams competing against each other for gym supremacy! Whose banner will be raised to the rafters in 2019?

The CrossFit Open starts on February 21st and goes through March 25th! It is five weeks and five workouts of camaraderie, fun, and challenging workouts!

The Intramural Open is our way of making the CrossFit Open Games season more fun and brings our community closer together! We understand and hear you that the fun gets taken out of the Open once you fall into 10,000th place. We want to put the fun back into the Open by creating three teams made up of all of our athletes who signed up for the Hurricane Open. These three teams will compete in a fun, challenging five-week tournament! The winning team will have its team banner raised to the rafters!

To compete in the CrossFit Intramural Open, you must be signed up through our Google from HERE and have a registered SugarWod account through the gym. It is how we will aggregate and validate scores for each team.  You must be signed up by February 2nd to be eligible for the draft and a team shirt! Anyone who signs up after the draft is a free agent and will be picked up by a Team. Essentially, everyone who signs up for the Open will be on a team! We ask that you please don’t play the system and sign-up after the OPEN so you can choose your team (you won’t be worth as many points).

Speaking of Team Captains! Here are your team captains.

Ursula Toten: Krewe de Bêtes “Krewe of Beasts”  Color= Purple

Melissa McDaniel: Krewe de Dur A Curié “Krewe of Badasses” Color= Gold

Kasey Larsen:Krewe de Gladiateurs Américains “Krewe of American Gladiators” Color= Green


If there is a team you want to be on, let that captain know! Drafting is made easier when the team captains know they have a dedicated team lined up!

Your team will compete against the other teams and will be awarded points for the following accomplishments:
Scoring is:

  • 2 Points (for athletes who were drafted) Do the workout in Regularly Scheduled Class and submit scores on SugarWOD (do-overs will not get extra points.)
  • 1 Point (for athletes who were free agents) Do the workout in Regularly Scheduled Class and submit scores on SugarWOD
  • 1 Point/Post yourself or teammates during or after open workouts on social media. Make sure to tag/hashtag us using #HurricaneOPEN. Limited to one point per day.
  • 3 Points for top 3 Male/Female finishers for the Rx and Scaled divisions.
  • 5 Points Spirit of the Games (team). Judged on by the coaches. This may or may not be awarded every week. Let’s see how magical you guys can get.
  • -3 Points Not entering your score on SugarWOD by Monday at 7 pm.
  • -5 Points You didnʼt sign up for the Open or Intramural? But you want to crash the party without bringing beer or food. (well actually I couldnʼt deduct points if you didnʼt sign up could I?) I think you get the Idea… Join in on the Party

We understand in years past the Open has somewhat been stressful and can have you feeling burned out by the of the five weeks. This year we will use the Open as an equipment fundraiser! Doing this allows:

  1. See where your money is going towards
  2. Alleviates the stress of having a judge for your workouts
  3. You don’t have to worry about how you rank.

Our goal for this year is 180 athletes which would raise about $5,500! Listed below are tiers showing what equipment would be purchased with the money raised:

$500= (4) 70lb KBs + (4) 55lb KBs

$1000= KB’s + (5) 14lb WBs

$1500= (8) Flat Bench

$2000= Benches + KBs

$2500= Benches + KBs + WBs

$3000= Benches + KBs + WBs + (8) 70 lb DBs

$3500= Benches + KBs + WBs + DBs + (4) 60lb DBs

$4000= Benches + KBs + WBs + (4) 12′ Upright *these would be used to hang rings from to do Ring MU

$4500= Benches + KBs + WBs + 12′ Uprights + 70lb DBs

$5000= Benches + KBs + WBs + 12′ Uprights + 70lb DBs + 60lb DBs

$5500=Benches + KBs + WBs + 12′ Uprights + DBs+ (3) 35lb Barbells

Important Details

Our Open workouts will take place on Friday during all classes and is a fun, community building atmosphere. We want the OPEN to be the catalyst for fun competition and camaraderie.

Who will take home the Hurricane CrossFit Intramural Championship? Whose banner will be raised? Will it be your team?
Sign-up for the Intramural Open HERE and be the difference for your team!
Please e-mail Cody@HurricaneCrossFit.com for any questions.
Here is to the best Open season to date!


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