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Brian DeWoody


Cord Larsen

My name is Cord Larsen and I began Crossfit a year ago in September. After
I finished college football I went into a slump in which I did not exercise
for almost a year. Eventually I got out of that slump and began to exercise
again but was inconsistent with what I did. I let the excuse of being busy
impact that and the way I was working out at times felt like a chore and
not the love I once had when I participated in athletics. I was in a
constant plateau and did not understand why I was not getting the results
I desired. This happened in a four year span. I moved to Lake Charles a
year ago and a co-worked recommended that I try crossfit at Hurricane
Crossfit. I had heard a little bit about crossfit but I did not know what
to expect. I decided to try it out and see how it went. The first workout I
did was the On ramp version of Daniel. When I finally finished it felt like
a brutal day of practice during college football. I was in love instantly
and wanted more. The Hurricane crossfit staff got me situated and I haven’t
looked back since. They not only helped me to improve on my strengths and
weaknesses working out, they influenced the way I viewed mobility,
nutrition, and the little things outside the box. Since then I have lost
over 30 pound and I continue to make great improvements. I now workout five
days a week regardless of how busy I am and I have made great nutritional
improvements. Hurricane crossfit has not only led me to the path to the
results that I want but also has helped me fall back in love with the
process of exercise and fitness. I can’t thank the Hurricane crossfit staff
and family enough for welcoming me in and making me feel part of the
family. You guys are the best!

Jason Stewart

I first heard about Crossfit from my cousin Christina 3 1/2 years ago, but because of a shoulder injury from the Army I was not able to workout. After surgery and physical therapy, I started going to a local gym and was not happy with the results. At this point I was over 285 pounds, wearing a size 40 pants and at 39.8% body fat. This was the heaviest I had ever been in my life! I have been playing sports since I could walk – soccer, football, baseball, golf etc. I had to do something! I decided to take the plunge and check out this Crossfit I had heard so much about. I walked in to the box October 2011 and haven’t looked back! I even got my girlfriend involved, and she had never worked out before!

This has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. Now, over a year later I’ve lost over 60 pounds, wear a size 34 and have decreased my body fat to below 15%.

Jeff Keenum

I’m Jeff Keenum. Lots of people call me Jazzy. I played high school football at Barbe and college football at UL-Lafayette. I’m 45 years old and I work at the Lake Charles Police Department.
I’ve had two hip surgeries. One in February 2009, the other in March 2011. In the spring of 2011, I was accepted to attend the FBI National Academy in Quantico, VA, to attend January – March, 2013. One of the guidelines in attending the FBI NA was that one’s body fat had to be under 21%. My body fat was over 27%. In an effort to lose weight and body fat, I had a plan in place and had begun to eat cleaner and began a regimen of swimming, bike riding, elliptical machine and Stairmaster riding.

In the winter of 2011, the LCPD’s & CrossFit Coach Buddy Toten began telling me about CrossFit and the incredible benefits resulting from exercising at CrossFit. I politely declined Buddy’s recommendation. I remember telling Buddy I had an exercise plan and I was intimidated about everything I’d heard about CrossFit. In my mind, CrossFit was reserved for elite athletes, which I was not. I was also scared to death of injuring my hips, as my doctor advised me to stay away from running and jumping.

March 2012 rolled around and I had not begun my exercise program or diet. I knew I had until December 2012 to be in compliance with the required body fat. WRONG! The terrible news for me was that I had to be in compliance with my body fat by July – less than four months away. The goal now was very simple, lose weight and body fat, or I would not get to attend this once in a lifetime training in Quantico.

Arrangements were made with the LCPD’s & CrossFit Coaches Larry Moss & Buddy Toten for me to attend CrossFit three times a week. Larry Moss asked me to commit to CrossFit for 8 weeks, 3 times a week. I agreed.

I’ll never forget 3.23.12. That was the day I was introduced to CrossFit. The baseline took me 9:54 and nearly 2 hours to recover. Had someone told me a 10 minute workout would have totally wiped me out, I would have told them they were crazy. Remember, I was used to riding my bike, and the elliptical and Stairmaster machines.

I was able to fulfill my obligation to Larry and after 8 weeks, I was able to complete the baseline in just over 5 minutes, almost cutting my time in half. What an incredible feeling!

During the 10 months of preparation for the FBI NA, and in large part to CrossFit, my body fat was reduced from 27.2% to 12.3%. Today my body fat is 18%. What can I say? I like to eat.

The 10 week FBI Academy was a terrific experience and thank goodness for the nearly 10 months of CrossFit preparation, because a majority of the almost daily exercise at the Academy was CrossFit type exercise.

Upon returning from the Academy, I continued to exercise at Hurricane CrossFit with our SWAT team on our lunch break, but a program was put into place that prevented us from exercising during our lunch break. My alternative was to exercise early in the morning or later in the evening. Again, I’m intimidated by CrossFit. I was scared to death about attending an actual CrossFit class, because I know it will be comprised of nothing but elite athletes.

In May 2014 I began attending Hurricane CrossFit at 4:45 AM with my LCPD colleague Greg Single. I’d seen CrossFit Coach and owner Cody Spell at CrossFit before, but I think I was formally introduced to Cody in May. I explained my physical limitations to Cody and he was very attentive and kind in helping me modify exercises that I’m simply unable to complete.

I realize that I will not be as strong or have an endless motor like many at the Box, but I show up and work hard, trying to run my own race. What I also realize is that in addition to CrossFit being for elite athletes, it is also reserved for anyone wishing to work hard and challenge themselves physically and mentally, pushing themselves toward higher levels of fitness.

The Hurricane CrossFit coaches have all been kind, considerate, and patient in working with me over the years and I would highly recommend this Box to anyone.

Kerry Miller

My story starts like everyone else’s. I work full time and I’m too busy taking care of everyone else to worry about me. I had not stepped foot in a gym in many years but knew I needed to really bad. I have a degenerative disk in my lower back which can cause great pain one day yet no pain the next day. To go along with a bad back, my body hurt all the time and after working 8 hours on my feet I was too tired to go exercise. I was too busy making excuses instead of making time. I had a serious talk with myself about this and signed up for a weight loss competition through my job. One of the requirements was to workout at the gym assigned to you. I was assigned to Hurricane Crossfit. My Crossfit journey started on February 4, 2014. I almost backed out because I thought there was no way at 39 years old with a bad back be physically able to do Crossfit. I hadn’t worked out in many years and the only shape I was in was round. I won’t lie, I was so scared on the first day. After finishing the baseline I thought I was going to die. At that moment I knew I was right where I needed to be. For the first few weeks I kept wondering why I kept coming back. I didn’t think I was making any progress. I couldn’t do a simple air squat without having a med ball on two weight plates under me for fear I was going to fall. Jogging any further than the end of the parking lot was out of the question, never mind trying to jog more than one round. I couldn’t do a pull up even with the assistance of the strongest band available. The voice in my head kept telling me how awful I was at this whole Crossfit thing but every coach would keep encouraging me and telling me how great I was doing. That is what kept me coming back. The positive environment inside the building from the coaches and other athletes are so encouraging. The coaches actually care about every person and take time to help. Having a bad back has slowed me down some and has caused me a lot of frustration, but the coaches are always there to remind me that they are there to help. Some exercises I cannot do because of my back and I have to modify to something else and I have learned that that’s okay. I get so frustrated with myself and the limitations and the coaches see this and are quick to reassure me and get me back to the right frame of mind. Many times I would finish a WOD last and many times other athletes who had finished way before me would come and cheer me on and get down on the floor with me so I wouldn’t be finishing alone. I had a goal in place to be able to do a pull up before my one year anniversary hit. I would try and try and get so close but just couldn’t get myself up all the way. One day after trying and failing at several attempts I asked Cody to please help me just one more time. He gave me a pep talk and some advice about my technique and before I knew it I finally got my first official pull up. The excitement and cheers I received from not only my coach but from every person in the building was awesome. By the way, I got my first pull up three months before the date I had set and the following month I did 17 pull ups in a row. The 200 meter run that seemed so hard is now easier than ever and while I’m about three steps faster than a turtle, I can actually run a full mile without stopping. Almost two years later I’m still showing up still finishing last quite often, still putting in the work, doing pull ups like they’re nobody’s business, running instead of walking, doing handstands and lifting weights I never thought I would be able to. I never in a million years thought I would do Crossfit. Now I cannot imagine my life without Crossfit. My life has forever changed for the better because of what happens inside that building.

Melissa McDaniel

I started at Hurricane Crossfit in September 2013. I was a 36 year old
mother of three boys and was searching for something I could do to get in
shape. I tried so many other things but could not stick to anything. I
felt tired all the time and lost some self confidence that I had when I was
younger. A friend of mine suggested Hurricane Crossfit and I saw how much
she loved it so I thought I would give it a try. I was so nervous the
first time I walked in the doors but everyone made me feel welcome. It was
very hard for me to physically get through it but once I did it was a great
feeling and I was hooked. I started going about 3 days a week and started
seeing the results very quickly. Not only physical results but emotional
and mental also. I started doing things I never thought I would and felt
so good about myself. I loved it so much I started going 5 days a week and
I look forward to “embracing the suck” at every WOD. I have come a long
way since I first started and sometimes I still can’t believe what I can
do. I could barely run 400 meters when I started and now I can run a 5k.
I have met some incredible people on my Crossfit journey that have become a
part of my life. The support system at Hurricane Crossfit is huge. The
coaches are amazing and they really care about every athlete there. It’s
true when they say anyone can do it and I really love that I work out with
everyone from grandparents to elite athletes and every person is treated
exactly the same. Since I started Crossfit I have toned up and lost
several inches. I feel like I am in better shape now than I was in my 20’s
and I have so much more confidence. I absolutely love Hurricane Crossfit
and it is one of the best decisions I have ever made.

Rhonda Ory



Tim Lightfoot

I live in Georgia and travel a lot with my job. In September of 2011 I had
just turned 40. I was out of shape and knew I had to do something. I had no
athletic background and wasn’t sure what to do. I was in Lake Charles at
this time so I contacted Hurricane CF. They introduced me
to CF and scheduled a CF baseline WOD for me the next day. I’ll never
forget that day for sure. It was rough but well worth it. I’ve been hooked
on CF ever since. This has been a life changer for me. I honestly feel
better than I ever have. In September 2013 I received my CFL1 and I help
out as a Trainer when Im back home in Georgia at War Town CF. As I
mentioned I travel a lot. So I get to try out a lot of CF boxes, and trust
me it just doesn’t get any better than Hurricane CF.