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I’m often asked, “How long will it take to ____?” That blank can be filled with “get stronger”, “lose weight”, “get in shape”, “make it to the CrossFit Games”.

It’s the question everyone wants answered with exact specificity. Exactly how many times will I need to come to the gym to get in the best shape of my life? It’s also the biggest lie ever told. The truth is, the answer to that question is starting today until forever.

In a world plagued by 8-Minute Abs and Get Shredded in 6 Weeks, the truth can be a little off-putting.

But there are a few realities in the answer.

Generally speaking, it’ll take about ½ the time to undo whatever got you to today. Have you been ignoring your health and fitness for 10 years? You can probably return to a previous level of fitness in 5.

Additionally, it’s unquestionably easier to begin and prevent than it is to unring a bell.

If you’ve taken some time off from working out and eating reasonably, each day that passes becomes much more difficult than the last to re-start. So, perhaps we should stop asking “How long will it take to ___?” and – instead – ask “Why should I not (re) start today?”

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While some may argue that the Open is a time to look back, I prefer to look forward.

For all it’s fun, heartache, soreness, and competition the Open also serves the function of motivation. It allows us to look at the holes in our game and really take pause to ask:

What are we testing?

I’ve personally participated in six Opens since its inception. This is the first year I feel I’ve entered as generally prepared as possible. General Physical Preparedness – GPP – is the test of the Open. I attribute this primarily to the year of very traditional CrossFit leading up to the Open.

What is GPP?

CrossFit, in it’s inception, was designed to provide short, simple, intense workouts built in couplets (2 movements), triplets (3 movements), and chippers (20 min+) – the workout itself actually constructing the smallest portion of a 1-hour class.

The beauty of the affiliate model is that the gyms’ programmers are free to interpret GPP in whatever way yields the best results to whatever end they see fit. Coaches are free to choose their own risk-reward continuum. For us – joint health & strength, bone density, longevity, and injury prevention are the cornerstones of our GPP program.

But what do you want?

The Open also breeds this subtle unease amongst athletes. All of the sudden, a mirror is held up to the athletes’ previous 47 weeks of life & training. We see exactly where we’ve concentrated effort and where we’ve fallen short. We’re forced to face those movements we’ve sandbagged and relish the times a movement shows up on which we’ve concentrated our daily efforts. We’re forced to ask ourselves: “What do I want?”

I had a conversation with an athlete this week. She RX’d double-unders in a workout for the first time ever. What was her secret? 5 minutes a day. Seriously – this is how I learned everything I’ve ever learned in CrossFit. 5 minutes a day. Muscle-ups, Double Unders, Kipping, Pistols, Mobility – you name it, I learned it in 5 minutes a day of consistent effort.

Since maintaining records of such data, I’ve seen 218 unique movements & exercises programmed in CrossFit. Let’s let that sink in for a second – TWO HUNDRED AND EIGHTEEN MOVEMENTS. For reference, Powerlifting has 3. Weightlifting has 2 (…3 if you wanna separate the Jerk). Hell, a decathlon has only 10.

So, this begs the question: How the hell can you get good at 218 unique movements?

Everything is Everything.

So what separates the average from good? Good from great? Great from the best? The basics. Understanding that Everything is Everything. Knowing that adding more weight onto a back squat is pointless if your air squat sucks.

Good athletes seek increased complexity.
Great athletes perfect the simple.

Good athletes add.
Great athletes subtract.

Good athletes seek programming.
Great athletes seek coaching.

That’s it. I’ve had eyeballs on 1,000 athletes of various abilities & disabilities, skill-levels, and goal pursuits and this is the definitive separator.

But, back to what you want – there is no wrong answer to this question. Do you want to spend all your Open Gym time building up a huge squat? AWESOME! I’m a huge fan of that. Is doing a muscle-up not worth the 5 minutes a day of drills? That’s fine too! Far be it from to me impose a goal on you. But, I will be here to let you know when your pursuit is counter-intuitive to your goals and help provide a path forward.

If you get to the Open every year and constantly come up against 1 or 2 movement – maybe it’s time to tackle them this year? Or not. It’s entirely up to you. The Bench Press is awesome; probably won’t help in the Open.

The point is this: with 218 movements in the grab bag; it’s literally impossible to optimally train each one let alone predict their appearance. You know the progressions and drills for each. Now, you just need to dedicate the 5 minutes every day.

Congrats on making it through the Open. Here’s to the next 47 weeks!

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Where did your time go?

“I just can’t find the time”.

“My schedule…”

“How are you?” “Busy.”

I know you’ve heard each of these countless times. Probably several times today.  Time seems to be the #1 reason people give for not being able to care for themselves.

But, is it actually a lack of time?
Somewhere today someone with a schedule busier than your’s is finding time to care for himself or herself.

So is it really a lack of time?
I’d like to suggest that self-care is not nearly as glorified as busy-ness. Steady, consistent habit formation is not nearly as glorified as a quick fix.

Coupled together, these social norms push our newest self-care habits to the back burner. Caring about what you eat, moving regularly, and engaging with your community are all difficult habits to cultivate. No wonder they’re the first habits we push off.

I like to imagine my time as my only non-renewable resource. At the end of my life, how I spent it is all I’ll have. None of the bosses, co-workers, acquaintances, or obligatory interactions will re-invest back into me. All I’ll have is the remainder of my health and the truly meaningful relationships I cultivated.

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Gyms are notorious for hearing a plethora of excuses as to why someone can’t join, or they have to quit, but CrossFit boxes might take the cake. From a new person seeing CrossFit on the TV and thinking, “there is NO WAY I can do that” to looking at membership fees and immediately tossing the idea of trying CrossFit out the window. This is unfortunate, but a little more explanation may help to ease those fears.

  1. I don’t have time.

We’re all busy between work, family obligations, and hobbies; you may only have a few extra hours here and there to dedicate to the gym. If we all have a variation of the same obligations then why do some people make it to the gym and others don’t? They see the value.

It’s all about organizing and prioritizing your life for optimal efficiency. Does that mean you need to get up at 5 am to get your workout in before all of the other obligations take precedence? That might be so, or maybe you can use your lunch hour more wisely and get a sweat on. Rising early or sweating during lunch may not be the most fun idea, but I can bet that after two weeks of sticking to that routine, you’ll feel better, have more energy, and most likely be more productive throughout the day.

  1. I’m too out of shape.

Looking at all fitness regimens, but CrossFit specifically: there is never a perfect place to start, you just have to start. Yes, you’ll be sore, and you’ll probably feel a little unsure, but we have all felt that way at the beginning. Even Michael Phelps was the goofy kid in the pool and look at him now!

CrossFit is universally scalable, which means EVERYONE can do it! There are so many different ways to scale a movement that nothing should be stopping you! Also, when coached correctly, each workout has a specific end effect that should be received. That means the 20-year young gun next to you and the grandmother across from you will have the workout tailored to each receive their desired effect. That might mean changing from running to rowing, using lighter weights, or decreasing the volume. The key (magic sauce) to CrossFit is keeping the intensity high, and that is unique to each person.

  1. It’s too expensive.

Yes, it can seem like a lot of money, but it’s also an investment and personal commitment. Do you think that you’ll make the time to go to the gym if you’re paying $100/month compared to $10/month? We only get one life and keeping our body healthy should be a top priority and investment. The alternative could be many forms such as a slowly deteriorating body and mind that leaves you with a much lower quality of life in your middle and senior years among many other factors that can creep in.
Let’s look at a way to make CrossFit prices seem more manageable:


Coffee $4/day x 30 days = $120/month


Saturday Shopping Spree: Probably at least $100


Eating Out for lunch every day: $10/meal x 20 days = $200


These are only a few small examples, but I hope that you can see that with small tweaks in your budget, CrossFit is affordable for the value that you’re receiving each and every time you workout.

Figure out which of these excuses you identify most with and don’t be afraid to push them aside and try something new! Invest in yourself. Come as you are. Do what you can and always keep trying to improve in all areas of your life.

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The 2017 Hurricane CrossFit Intramural Open is here! We have four teams competing against each other for gym supremacy! Who’s banner will be raised to the rafters in 2017?

The CrossFit Open starts on February 23rd and goes through March 27th! It is five weeks and five workouts of camaraderie, fun, and challenging workouts!

The Intramural Open is our way of making the CrossFit Open Games season more fun and brings our community closer together! We understand and hear you that the fun gets taken out of the Open once you fall into 10,000th place. We want to put the fun back into the Open by creating four teams made up of all of our athletes who signed up for the Open. These four teams will compete in a fun, challenging five-week tournament! The winning team will have it’s team banner raised to the rafters!

To compete in the CrossFit Intramural Open, you must be signed up for the CrossFit Open. It is how we aggregate and validate scores for each team. Sign-up for the CrossFit Open HERE! Use the Register button on the CrossFit Games page to start the process. The Affiliate name is Hurricane CrossFit. The Team name is Hurricane CrossFit. You must be signed up by February 10th and by the time we draft, to be eligible for the draft. Anyone who signs up after the draft is a free agent and will be picked up by a Team. Essentially, everyone who signs up for the Open will be on a team!

Speaking of Team Captains! Here are your team captains. Team names and colors to come soon!

Rhonda Ory

Cindi Reed

Michael Lewandowski

Jon Georgiades

If there is a team you want to be on, let that captain know! Drafting is made easier when the team captains knows they have a dedicated team lined up! Be sure to be signed up by February 10th, so your favorite Captain can draft you!

Your team will compete against the other teams and will be awarded points for the following accomplishments:
Scoring is:
+1 Point – Attendance: every member of a team that completes an Open workout at Hurricane CrossFit each week earns one point. Maximum one point per athlete per workout. This goes for Rx AND Scaled competitors!

+.5 Point – Top 3: every male AND female member who places among the Top 3 at Hurricane CrossFit for each workout (Rx and scaled) gets an extra half point for their team.

+5 Points (team) – Spirit: The team with the most noise, pride, and PRESENCE each week will receive 5 bonus points. Wear your Team T-shirt Friday and really represent your team pride!

Important Details

Our Open workouts will take place on Friday during all classes and is a fun, community building atmosphere. We want the OPEN to be the catalyst for fun competition and camaraderie.

Who will take home the Hurricane CrossFit Intramural Championship? Whose banner will be raised? Will it be your team?
Sign-up for the CrossFit Open HERE and be the difference for your team!
Please e-mail Cody@HurricaneCrossFit.com for any questions.
Here is to the best Open season to date!