Hurricane CrossFit Oly Class

02/10/2016 - 7:00pm

Hurricane CrossFit

Are you interested in improving your Olympic lifting?

Within our WODs athletes will train barbell strength movements a few times a week. However, many athletes wish to focus on putting in the extra time developing their weightlifting technique as well as their strength. The Hurricane CrosssFit Oly Class will help with these needs. This will be an 8-week program completely dedicated to making you better at Olympic weightlifting. We will meet every Saturday @ 10:30am starting on Feb. 13th. Athletes will also be given 4 additional strength workouts to complete on other days of the week. Additionally you will be added to a closed Facebook group so you are able to film your lifts and get feedback from us on how to improve your form.  This class is limited to 15 people and the cost is $50 per person. I highly encourage anyone who is interested in improving their Olympic weightlifting to attend this 8-week program. Please see any of our coaches for more details.