Bernadette Abrahams


1. When and how did you get started with us?

Long ago, in a place far away.  January 14th of 2012.

2. What’s your favorite quote?

Whether you think you can or whether you think you can’t, you’re right. ~Henry Ford

3. Least and favorite workout?

I HATE chippers.  I like low reps with a lot of rounds.

4. If you were an alcoholic drink what would you be?

Champagne and St Germaine.

5. What does HCF mean to you?

It’s the community. It’s about the challenge and sense of accomplishment.   I always feel better when I leave than I did when I got there, which helps to motivate me to be consistent.


Jessica Delgado


1. When and how did you get started with us?
I started at the end of September. My whole family comes to hurricane so I knew it was a great place. My dad came first and slowly everyone joined, my mom, my sister, my brother in law and now me.
2. Favorite workout?/Least favorite workout?
I don’t think I have one favorite crossfit workout. I do like workouts that have less reps and more rounds. I feel like I do better with short bursts. I feel like I can do way more if it’s broken up.
My least favorite workout is wall balls!
3. What genre of music would you be?
I’d be 90’s hip hop because I’m gangsta 😂
4. If you could travel anywhere outside of this planet, where would you go and why?
I’d want to go to Magrathea and ask Deep Thought if they ever figured out the Ultimate Question.
5. What does HCF mean to you?
To me Hurricane Crossfit is a community of family and friends helping me become a stronger and healthier person. Coming here in the morning helps start my day. Some of the most awesome people come here, and everyone is so friendly. I get my workout, visit with awesome people, hang out with my dad and sister. I have a whole group of people encouraging me to hit my goals. I have awesome coaches who push me to try harder, not just stop where I’m comfortable. I’m stronger than I’ve been in years, and it’s because of HCF.


James Allemand


1. When and how did you get started with us?  

It was right at the beginning of April I think

2. Favorite workout? / Least favorite workout?  
Least favorite is easy, that’s the pistols. Favorite workout would probably Russian twists. 
3. What’s your favorite cheat food?  
Anything carb related. Probably lasagna. 
4. What superpower would you want to possess?
I’d wanna move things with my mind.
5. If you could travel anywhere outside of this planet, where would you go and why?  
I’d wanna go to Saturn. Just to see the rings up close.
6. What does HCF mean to you?  
This is the easiest question. It means quality of life for me. I enjoy being active again. I really enjoy going back to the gym and working out. My blood pressure has gotten better, my resting heart rate has decreased, I’m down almost 38 lbs since beginning of the year. I’d lost a lot of drive to even try to workout, and now I’ve got the coaches that when they push I try to push more than what they ask. But the best part is they’ve also helped me recognize limitations and scaling options so I also keep confidence up and not get down on myself.


Brooke David


How did you get started with us?
I’ve known about Hurricane Crossfit ever since it opened because I live close by but never seriously considered going until after I was finished with sports. It did take me quite a while to actually muster up the courage to go try it out, but when I did its been all worth it. All I did was go to the website, press “GET STARTED” then I had an appointment for the next day.
Which skill(s) would you love to learn?
I would love to learn all the skills, but rope climbs for sure!
Whats your dream vacation?
Going to Ireland would be my dream vacation.
Favorite Season?
Least and Favorite movements in CrossFit?

Favorite movement- Push Presses and Power Cleans
Least movement- Squats. I want to love squats because I think its one of the best workouts, but I struggle with them daily. I will get there though!
What does HCF mean to you?
HCF means to me a community of people coming together to live a more healthier life while having fun.


Greg Norsworthy


What superpower would you want to possess?
Superpower would be as Strong as Cody Spell
What’s the last thing you searched for on Google?
Last Google search was “How to be as strong as Cody Spell”
What was your first car (or horse carriage)?
1972 Toyota Corolla
What was it like when George Washington was alive?
It was a much simpler life and I helped him carve his false teeth out of wood. There were no millennials and NO man buns, just mullets.
Favorite benchmark workout?
Cindy! I like any bodyweight workouts.
Favorite HCF tradition?
Benchmark Wednesdays, I always look forward to doing these workouts.
What does HCF mean to you?
It’s a great part of my life. This November it will be 6 years that I’ve been doing Crossfit and I’ve never felt better. I’ve had back surgery, surgery on both shoulders rotator cuff and labrum, ACL on both of my knees are torn (all of this before CrossFit). Since I’ve been doing CrossFit apparently I’ve built muscle around my injuries because my knees and shoulders are healthier than they have ever been. And it probably sounds cliche but the people that I’m lucky enough to workout with are amazing, we have a blast, we laugh, we cut up and workout really hard. It’s also a family affair, both of my daughters, my son in law and my wife have all “drank the Kool-aid”. Thanks to Cody and all of the staff, HCF is a wonderful place to be associated with.


Stephanie Corkran


1.) What’s your favorite HCF tradition? 
Beach season Thursday, of course! It’s my favorite day of the week. I’m still waiting on my 6pack, but it’s getting there!
2.) What was your first car?
A white Chevrolet Cavalier. It didn’t have power locks or Windows and I shared it with my mom for a while before she bought a new car.
3.) If you were on a desert island, what three items would you want with you?
A boat, my husband, and some rum.
4.) First CD you ever bought?
I’m not sure, Hanson maybe? Or I just stole them from my older sisters.
5.) Favorite girl WOD?
Diane. I love deadlifts and hspu. I know you didn’t ask, but my least favorite girl WOD is Karen. I won’t even show up.
6.) What does HCF mean to you?
HCF means sanity to me. It’s my time to relieve the stresses of daily life, socialize even though the coaches don’t always like it, and makes me push myself in a way I never thought I would. It’s almost like going to therapy. I always feel better after going! It gives you a sense of accomplishment knowing that if you make it through the wod, then you can do anything.


Brian DeWoody


When and how did you get started with us? 
I started in June of 2016 when talking to a good friend of mine, Jacob Theriot. I told him I was ready to make a change to get healthy and he started talking about the atmosphere at Hurricane, how great the coaches are and how great the other members are.
What’s in your most frequently used emoji tab?
Would have to be the crying laughing emoji. I have great friends and family that are always sending me stuff that is hilarious.
What’s the first CD you ever bought? 
The first CD I’ve ever bought was “Four” by Blues Traveler. Still go back and listen to that CD every once in a while.
What’s your favorite flavor of Ben and Jerry’s?
Vanilla, I’m very simple when it comes to ice cream. But the ultimate combo is a warm brownie and a few scoops of vanilla ice cream, that gets me every time.
If you were stranded on a desert island, what three items would you want to have with you? 
First would def be a machete, so that i can build and make paths with. Second would be a mirror to signal planes or to help make I fire if i need to. Third would be a fishing net to help with food.
What does HCF mean to you?
HCF means the world to me, it gave me confidence again with my body as well as an escape from everyday problems or work problems. I’ve never felt better and in the year that I’ve been a member at HCF they have helped me lose 40 pounds and accomplish things I never thought I could do. They helped me change my mindset from “there’s no way I can do that” to “I will do that!”.


Rhonda Ory


When and how did you get started with us?
I started coming to Hurricane in May 2013. I had just had a baby in February and was looking for something to help me get back in shape. I was more of an elliptical/body pump/Zumba girl and had done P90x and Insanity before, but was kind of bored with all that. I had heard of Crossfit and was intrigued but like most people, it also intimidated me. I talked to a couple of people about it (Nicole Leger, Shellie Guidry who was working at my school then, and Tyler Cole who was a 7th grader at SJ. He played a BIG part in getting me to try it!). After about a month, I convinced my best friend to try it with me. Our first class was a Saturday WOD. I can remember doing sumo deadlift high pulls, running, TTB (knee ups), a lot of fit people, and several people encouraging us through that first workout. I’ve been coming ever since!
What’s your spirit animal?
Okay, don’t laugh, but I had to do research for this one. I can’t help it, I’m a librarian, I couldn’t just pick an animal I like! And this whole spirit animal thing is a legit thing! Quite fascinating to read through them. But, back to the question. My spirit animal is the Hummingbird!
“The hummingbird generally symbolizes joy and playfulness, as well as adaptability. Other symbolic meanings are: lightness of being, enjoyment of life, being more present, independence, bringing playfulness and joy in your life, lifting up negativity.” I love having fun and I try to choose joy every day. The glass is ALWAYS half full! Forgive and forget! Smile at people! I always tell my oldest son, our attitudes are our choice and they are also contagious! No one wants to hang around a Debbie Downer…
Favorite cheat meal?
I’d have to go with Mexican food, chips/salsa and margaritas!!
Your favorite HCF tradition?
I really enjoy the Christmas & pool parties! (I HATED missing the pool party this year.) I love getting to hang out and visit and watch everyone get silly. I mean, you want to see someone’s true colors, just observe the white elephant game at the Christmas party! And it’s time you get to be with everyone, not just the people in your regular classes.
What was your first car?
Oh my gosh, it was a 1987 Dodge Colt! It was a little, white, 2 door hatchback….my older brother called it the Pope-Mobile. It didn’t even have a radio when I got it. Well, you know me, THAT wasn’t going to cut it. So for the first couple of months I had a boom box in the back that I would play cassettes on so I could have my music. Once I got where I was going I’d have to remember to reach back and press STOP. HAHAHA I LOVED that little car.
Favorite band from the 90s?
I’ve always liked all kinds of music, so it’s hard to pick a favorite. I’m going to go with Salt-n-Pepa, Boys II Men, and one of my favorite CDs ever was late 90’s, Sarah McLachlan.
What does HCF mean to you?
HCF is my happy place, my safe zone. It’s not just getting a workout. It is hard work, sweat, and determination, it’s accomplishing things I thought I’d never do, but it’s also so much more. It’s being part of a team, a family, being part of something so much bigger than ME. During any class you can see people encouraging each other, giving high fives and fist bumps, lots of laughing and smiling (that may be at the end, lol), talking with each other about kids, spouses, life, meal prep, all because of the friendships that are being made here. There’s something about getting through those grueling workouts with the people around you that just makes you have a strong bond with them. I have so many great friends I’ve made through Hurricane! I can’t even imagine going back to just walking in a gym, doing 30 min of cardio with my headphones on and then leaving. Hurricane has made me a stronger and more confident person. I’m in the best shape of my life! And I love that here I’m not just Dane and Rhett’s mom, or Scott’s wife, or Mrs. Ory. I’m Rhonda, the girl in pink that’s always dancing, who turned into a Crossfit chick!


Mike Lewandowski


When and why did you get started with us?
I started in September of 2012 (After a few years of living in Lake Charles, I had noticed that the fine cuisine was causing my pants to shrink. I began doing p90x & Insanity workouts.  Once Jon was born I realized I wasn’t getting younger and wanted to be able to be active with him as be he got older.  My boss, who is an avid crossfiter, had hounded me to come try it with him at the old box and I finally gave in.  The rest as they say is history.
Favorite workout?
My favorite workout has been Annie, probably because it was my first wod after the baseline.   Followed closely by few of the 2013 Open workouts since it was the first time that I was held accountable for my movements and pushed myself to lift more than what I typically had before.
Least favorite workout?
I can’t say I have any workout that really dislike.  I dread some Friday Fundays but still go and put in the work.  I don’t believe in cherry picking the wods because I don’t like them.  However, there’s been a few Fridays or hero wods that I wasn’t upset that I had to miss.
What’s the best part about working out at HCF?
With out a doubt the camaraderie & friendships I’ve made.  Not being native to Lake Charles, we didn’t know many people when we moved here and I typically kept to only having work friends. After joining Hurricane though, we’ve made so many friendships with wonderful people and I look forward to going to the box every day.( sometimes even if it’s only to harass Coach Tyler )
What’s the first album you ever bought?
The first album (cassette) that I bought was Bestie Boys- License to Ill.  My mom took me to the record store and I used my money I’d saved up from doing yard work.  This was pre Parental Advisory landing and we didn’t even make it home before she ws ready to throw it out the window due to the lyrics.   It’s still my go to album to listen to.
What’s your favorite HCF tradition?
Memorial Day Murph.  I have done it every year since I started.  It has grown from a dozen or so in only one class to the great turn out this year.  It’s inspiring to see so many of us show up to show our respect & tribute for the servicemen and women who have given their lives for our freedom.
You’re a new addition to the crayon box. What color would you be and why?
Who makes up these questions?   I guess I’d make up Marinara Red.  I always liked the color red when I was a kid for some reason. And if you know me, well I’m sure you know why marinara.


Kim Schultz


When and how did you get started with us?
I started at Hurricane four years ago this month. I was looking to do something different than just going to a gym on my own but was a little intimidated by Crossfit. I had a couple of family members that were doing it at a box in Jenning’s, and they seemed to enjoy it so I I’d look for a box in LC to try it out. I didn’t tell anyone I wanted to try it except my boyfriend, who told me I was “going to get addicted to it” (FYI: he’s never done Crossfit). I found Hurricane through Facebook, and they were offering a 30-day special at the time so it seemed perfect for me to try it out without a full commitment, meaning I could quit after the first week when I thought it was too hard. Immediately I was hooked, and I was addicted. I didn’t use anything heavier than a PVC pipe for the first week or two, and I was sorer than I had ever been in my life. I started seeing little results after the first two weeks, and it made me want to continue to see what results I would get in a couple more weeks or months, years, etc.
Favorite Workout?
I would say, Annie. I like any workout where the number of reps goes down as you complete each round and for some reason, I actually look forward to this one whenever it’s programmed.
Least Favorite Workout?
This one is a tie between a named workout and an open workout. They are equally two of my least favorite WODs, and I’m a little scared to say them because I don’t want them to be on the website anytime soon! Whitten & 15.5!!! Honestly, I think I dislike Whitten because I get so dang confused with the run right in the middle of the workout, I always get lost & start the wrong movement at the wrong time which results in my yelling “this is stupid” at some point before its over. 15.5 was just plain MISERABLE!! It was the last workout of the very first Open I competed in, and it’s the only WOD in my app that in the notes I wrote: “thought I was going to DIE”!!
What’s the best part about working out at the 4 pm class?
Easy… the people!!! I didn’t actually spend a lot of time getting to know people when I first started at Hurricane; I was going to the 5:30 am class and was always in a hurry to leave to get to work on time. Once I started going in the afternoons (it worked better with my schedule) I would actually stick around after each class and visit with people. I am really glad I made that change (nothing against any of the early morning peeps) because I absolutely love our little group. It’s amazing that we all have different interests, personalities, likes, dislikes, etc. but we all get along and we’re all there with the same goal in mind!
What’s your most used emoji?
Probably the eye roll emoji. And it’s usually used in a Thursday night group text after seeing the Friday Funday workout (Example: “Did y’all see the website yet?! He’s crazy!! He wants me to do all that in 8mins without any rest after the first part… ugh!!! [eye roll emoji]”). I can be a little dramatic sometimes!
First CD you ever bought?
I’m going to take a guess and say it was probably one of the Spice Girls CDs. Pretty sure I could still sing along to every song if I heard them today!
If you could live off one food for the rest of your life what would it be?
If you ask any of my family members, they would say French fries. I LOVE French fries!! I don’t know what it is, but they are my absolute favorite thing to eat, which is why I don’t get them very often because I’ll eat every single one of them and probably steal a few off someone else’s plate too. I have joked that if I ever had to choose a “last meal” it would be an order of fries from about 5-10 different restaurants… and a lot of ketchup to go with them!
What does HCF mean to you?
It means strength, health, family, hard work, fun, friends…. I could go on and on!! I started it because I was unhappy with my body and being “out of shape” but I slowly learned that I would never be “in shape.” No matter how I progressed and how strong I got, there would always be something else I would find to strive towards. At first, I wanted to get a pull-up with no band, but once I did that I decided to work on push-ups with no band, then I thought why not double-unders, then handstand push-ups, handstand walks, etc. There would never be a time when I would not find something else to push myself to work towards! It is the most challenging thing I have ever done, and I love every minute of it… even if I’m cussing throughout an entire Friday Funday workout (it happens). But mostly it means a place where I go to do something to challenge myself and to be proud of myself!


Chris Jones


1.)When and how did you get started with us?  
Even though my wife just recently started doing Crossfit herself, she actually told me about Crossfit in 2011.  I had no idea what Crossfit was at the time but started going in May 2011.  I would go a day or 2 here and there but wasn’t very consistent.  I started with Hurricane Crossfit shortly after it opened and I have been going 5-6 days per week the last 3 years or so.
2.) Whats your spirit animal?
 I would say a cheetah because they are very fast and I like running.
3.) Favorite cheat meal?  
Any one of the local casino buffets on a Friday or Saturday night when they have the crab legs, crawfish, oysters, etc.
4.) Batman or Superman?  
Superman just for the simple fact that he can fly I would think gives him an edge over Batman.
5.) Favorite CrossFit movement?
Wall balls or double unders
6.) Least favorite CrossFit movement?
Deadlifts or kettlebell swings
7.) What does HCF mean to you?  
HCF is part of my daily life.  That one hour or so that I spend at HCF is one of my favorite parts of the day.  I look forward to the physical and mental challenge every day.  I played sports from the time I was a kid through college.  In college, I was used to showing up at a set time with a group of people with a coach telling me what to do.  I like that structure and HCF provides that.  HCF kind of gives me a taste of my college football workout days again.  I finished playing college football 12 years ago, but I can honestly say that because of HCF I feel that I could put on the pads and compete at a very high level right now.  HCF makes working out fun and challenging.


Melissa McDaniel


When and how did you get started with us?
I started at HCF 3 1/2 years ago (wow it’s been a while!). A friend of mine had been going and finally talked me into trying it out. I did my baseline and thought I was going to die….but after I was done I went ahead and signed up before I chickened out. After my first couple of WOD’s I was hooked and I’m so happy I did it!!!
Favorite workout?
My favorite workout is probably Murph as weird as that sounds. It’s such a mentally challenging workout and I actually look forward to doing it. I feel so good after it’s done…..not so much while I’m doing it!!!
Least favorite workout?
My least favorite workout is definitely Whitten. Ugh!!!! That one is my worst. I freaking hate that workout.
What’s the best part about working out at Hurricane?
The people are the best part about working out at Hurricane!!!! The coaches are so awesome and really want each athlete to succeed. They know exactly how to push us to become better and they get just as excited with each PR and accomplishment as we do. The other athletes that I get to work out with every day are the best people ever!!! Everyone is so motivating and cheer each other on no matter if you are first or last! I’ve made some amazing friends and I love each person there….It’s such a great support system and one big family!!!!
What’s your favorite cheat meal?
My favorite cheat meal…..this is a hard one! Probably Mexican food, chips & salsa, and margaritas. Or cheesy bread and pizza…..or warm chocolate brownies and ice cream. I love food!!!! HAHA
What’s in your most frequently used emoji tab?
Crying happy face, muscle arm, and poop emoji….wow completely different and random!!!
What would you do with 3 wishes?
If I had 3 wishes….I would use them all to wish great lives for my 3 children and that they would never hurt or suffer.
What does HCF mean to you?
HCF means so much to me. It has given me so much confidence in so many ways. I am a stronger person in every aspect of my life since I started at HCF. No matter what kind of day I’m having I can let it all go when I walk in here. I work full time, I’m a wife and mom to 3 awesome kids….and for an hour a day I can feel like a badass and I love every minute of it!!!!


Chad Coltharp


When and how did you get started with us?
Well I started my Crossfit journey at a different gym, and it began to get tough to make it to workouts with the time frame that the classes were in.  I knew a few people that were already coming to HCF, so, I looked at the class schedule, and it fit my time frame way better. So about a year I came in for a class and loved it! The rest is history….
Favorite workout?
Anything with a barbell!!  I feel like I am at my best with those types of exercises especially when its MAX DAY!
Least favorite workout?
Anything with bodyweight haha.  I hate pull-ups and handstand push-ups…..I think I would rather do burpees.
What’s the best part about working out at Hurricane?
Two things:  The people! From the athletes to the coaches. It feels like one big family.  We all push each other to be better, help each other when needed, and of course make fun of each other mothers on a daily basis.  Second thing, the programming.  I love knowing the Wed is a benchmark and Fridays are going to be so much fun.
What’s the wallpaper on your phone right now?
Always a picture of my son.  I couldn’t imagine what life would be like not being a father.  Becoming a father was a big factor to me going through this journey of being more healthy.  I want to always be able to play with him, hold him, and live long enough to see him start a family of his own. Seeing him at the end of a long day makes everything better.
What’s the first CD you ever bought?
I think it was a Garth Brooks CD…I mean come on, who doesn’t love Garth!
What’s the best cheat meal you had over the holidays?
Probably all of the adult beverages haha.  When the family gets together, all of us men, really enjoy our Craft Beverages.
What does HCF mean to you?
Its LIFE.  All the significant aspects of LIFE can be found in the gym. Doing what you love, being around people that make you happy, living a healthy & active lifestyle. You find comradery, family, everything you need to be successful and love what you’re doing.


Chandra Guillory


1.)When and how did you get started with us?

I was at a “Mommy & Me” breakfast at my son’s preschool in May 2014, and Melinda Chamout was telling me and some other moms about HCF. I was interested enough to give it a try, I’ve been hooked every since.
2.)Favorite workout?
I would choose FightGoneBad because it’s very challenging and has a lot of different moves in the WOD….and it doesn’t have any running because I don’t like to run.
3.)What’s the best part about working out at Hurricane?
I get a really good workout; the music is motivating, the atmosphere is fun and light, and the people & coaches are encouraging.
4.)What’s the wallpaper on your phone right now?
A picture of my 7 year old son in his element, which is outside having fun!
5.)What’s the best cheat meal you had over the holidays?
Oooo, it was bad…it was a little bit of everything: peach cobbler, (my famous) turtle chocolate cake w/ ice cream…like 2 small pieces…, pound cake, sweet potato pie, and some other sweets that I can’t remember. Sweets are my favorite, it’s a food group!
6.)If you could be any animal in the world, what animal would you be and why?
I would be an eagle so I could soar high to see & observe lots of things all at the same time.
7.)You’re a new addition to the crayon box. What color would you be and why?
Hmmm, never contemplated this question. Guess I would be “bleen” (blue and green). Those colors look absolutely gorgeous in the Pacific Ocean, in Hawaii. Hawaii is the most beautiful place I’ve ever been.


Jon Ringo


1. When and how did you get started with us?  

I started at Hurricane Crossfit 5 months ago by attending a Saturday workout.  I was in desperate need of physical activity in my life, and Hurricane came through big time. You can read my Facebook post from a few weeks back for the longer version of this story, but let me just say, I have come a long way, and I have a long way to go.  Hurricane showed me how out of shape I was, and they also showed me the path forward.  After about 3 months, I could finally do the prescribed weight for the ladies which was a huge accomplishment.  Also, my pull-up has become more of an actual pull-up and less of a bungee jump.  It’s been challenging, but also really fun and rewarding too.

2. Favorite workout?

I haven’t done them all yet, but my favorite so far is the Thanksgiving Day workout, “Thanksgiving with the Girls,” I believe it was called.  I like any WOD where I do a movement, then check it off and move onto something else.  I think you call them “good little chippers.”

3. Least favorite workout?

Any WOD where it’s 27+ rounds of anything.  If I need poker chips, I’m going to whine about it.

4.What’s the best part about working out with the 4:45 am crew?

So many things I could say here.  More than anything, it’s the community.  Nobody just stops in for the 4:45AMclass, so there are rarely any random people you’ve never seen before.  If you are there at 4:45, you’re either insane, a vampire, or really committed, and I like to think we are all really committed.   I also like forcing myself out of my comfort zone every day, and being up at 4:30 in the morning is definitely uncomfortable.  If I want to cheat on  my diet that afternoon, I tell myself “No, you moron, you didn’t get up at 4:30 this morning so you could eat M&Ms, put it away and drink some water.”  It really helps. 

5. What’s the wallpaper on your phone right now?

As always, a picture of my kids.  I have 3 – ages 7, 4, and 1.  They’re awesome.

6. What’s the first CD you ever bought?

DC Talk – Free at last.  I saved up to buy it.   This was the pinnacle of the Christian Rap game, with nothing but posers since.  (this should tell you all how awesome and cool I am)

7.Team Captain America or Team Iron Man?

 Team Iron Man.  I may be over thinking this, but I always like “superheroes” who don’t have any real  “super powers.”  Tony Stark is just really smart and good at engineering. I think that’s awesome – as opposed to simply being the test subject for a Super Soldier Project, or being born on Planet Krypton, or being the Thunder God.   (Again, I’m really cool if you can’t tell.)  He just uses what he has for something good. 

8. What’s the last thing you searched for on Google?

Cheap Christmas Present Ideas for a 7-year-old.  He wants an electric motorcycle which ain’t happening, so I gotta get creative. 

9. You’re a new addition to the crayon box. What color would you be and why?

Man, this is tough.  My name is Johnny Ringo so maybe something like I’m Your Huckleberry Hazel

10.   What does HCF mean to you?

This may get a little sappy, but HCF has been life-changing for me.  I have a real tendency to be lazy, and HCF seems to be the place to burpee box jump that right out of me.  HCF also means little things to me, like being able to tie my shoes without losing my breath.  That may sound ridiculous, but every overweight guy over the age of 30 knows exactly what I’m talking about.  I’m way more functional now, and I can do things I never thought I would do.  Not only snatches, and pull-ups, but other things like playing with my kids longer, and being outside more.  I was headed down a path to a sedentary lifestyle, overeating, and then going from one diet plan to the next with no results.  HCF has made me passionate about being healthy, and I honestly hope I’m saying the same thing in 10 years.


Kasey Hargrave


1.)What’s in your most frequently used emoji tab?

The smiley crying face

2. If you could have one superpower, what would it be and why?
There are so many to pick from, but I think having the ability to fly would be pretty cool. It’s a little cliche but I would save a ton of money on gas, and I’d be able to travel the world faster and without a plane ticket.

3.)What’s the last thing you searched for on Google?

Hurricane website to check the WOD for “FUN” Friday

4.) What would the title of your autobiography be?
“Lemme tell you what happened” (said in a Cajun accent) …my friends tell me I say this a lot when I’m telling stories and my Cajun accent tends to come out.

5.)How would you spend a billion dollars?
Pay off bills, buy a nice house, travel often, save a lot of it for the future…I hear life gets more expensive when you get older.

6.) What does HCF mean to you?

I started HCF in February of this year. In less than a year, it has become such a huge part of my life. It constantly challenges me and has pushed me to surpass goals in fitness I never thought possible. Growing up, I was always active, but never completely comfortable in my own skin & on the chubbier side. I have gained confidence, strength, and much more. I often think back to when I first did the Baseline; thinking I would never be as strong as the people here. Well, now I’m so thankful Cord convinced me to try it out because I’ve never felt healthier, stronger, or happier. I look forward to checking the website to see what kind of crazy WOD Cody has programmed for us the next day. Working out here doesn’t feel like a chore. I am more dedicated to fitness and health than ever because I genuinely enjoy it now. HCF isn’t just another gym, it’s become more of a second home.


Matt Bell


1) Matt. Bernard. Paw Paw Bell. Coach Bell.David Hasselhoff. I could go on for days, clearly. It’s an honor to announce you as the HCF Athlete of the Month! When did you start with us, and do you remember your first workout at HCF?
Let me start by saying, I don’t deserve this honor in any way.  There are so many more deserving athletes at Hurricane, I almost feel a little embarrassed, thank you.  
I started Hurricane in February of 2014, and I sure do remember the first workout.  It was at the old Box and you’ll remember back then we didn’t have On-Ramp and you had to do the Baseline before you started doing the WODs with everyone else.  I think I talked my son, Cooper, into coming with me so, any one that knows Coop knows he schooled me pretty good.  My first experience at leaving my ego at the door. 
That was on a Thursday and not knowing any better I came back the following Saturday.  The good Lord knows that l am not real smart and sent a young man to look out for me.  That was the first time I met Chris Jones.  It was a partner WOD naturally and he got stuck with this over weight, out of shape ole geezer.  He had to explain to me what a WallBall was and how it was done, guess who had to do 85% of the WallBalls (Chris). Then came the burpees and the kettle bell swings, with a run after each round.  It was ugly!
2) What’s a day in the life of Matt Bell?
Well, it’s changed a lot lately.  I guess I’m semi-retired for the most part.  I sold my business a couple of years ago, and now I do a little consulting and take care of a few small ventures that I’m involved in. 
A average day in my life is really uneventful.  I usually get up, read the paper and check emails.  Then, around 7:30 I go to Hurricane and do a few things before the nine o’clock clan gets there.  I do the WOD with those guys and then BS with “niners” until about 1030.  Get cleaned up and have lunch with my wife, Sarah, and hopefully one or both of our kids.  Then I start taking care of whatever is the project of the day.  I try to be home for dinner with the family.  
3) Would you rather… win $1 billion dollars, or be able to fly?
That’s easy, FLY!   Think about that, if you could fly, muscle ups would be no big deal, MURPH no big deal and you would be quite the celebrity and we all know that celebrities make huge amounts of money doing nothing.  I could have my on TV show, “Hanging with Paw Paw Bell”.  
4) Don’t let the recent humidity bias this decision – would you rather own a ski lodge, or a surfing camp?
Another easy one.  SKI LODGE.  I tried surfing once 30 years ago and it didn’t go so well. And anyone who knows me knows that’s very hard for me to admit.  Besides I can still throw a little snow in Coop’s face.  
5) Deep sea diver or an astronaut?
DEEP SEA DIVER because I’ve been diving for over 35 years.  One of the first dates Sarah and I went on was a dive trip on the Theda Mae to Candy Mountain south of Cameron about 70 miles. And I don’t understand why Matt-T and Jason Stewart don’t invite me on a dive or two, it’s probably because I hate Jason’s music. 
 If your asking about a commercial diver or astronaut, I wouldn’t be very good at it but I think I may have a better chance at beings successful at diving rather than an astronaut.  I’ve zero desire to go to outer space.  
6.) What does HCF mean to you?
HCF means the world to me.  On my first day I knew absolutely no one, now I have to say there are so many new friends and acquaintances that I have had the pleasure of getting to know.  It sure makes getting fit a lot of fun.  I can’t thank the coaching staff, old and new, enough for all they have done for me.  Sometimes they have to put up with some dumb question I may ask for  the umpteenth time or me asking “what did he say”.  But Cody Spell and all the coaches (including our newest Coach Lacey) have always made me think that I’m the only one in the class, they’re like my personal trainer, something I really don’t know how they manage to do.  
You know each class has its own personality, The Matt 45, the Niners, the Saturday Partner workouts, the afternoon groups, etc…  You know everyone at HCF has been so good to me and my family as well, I’m just thankful HCF has let us be a part.


Laura Granger


1.)When, how, why, did you start with us?!
I started at Hurricane in July of 2015… My husband had been a CF addict for about 2 years and I finally realized I wasn’t going to beat him, so I figured I might as well join him! He’d been at a different box, but I was looking for something closer to home.  He was willing to give Hurricane a try, so here we are.  Although I was no stranger to a gym, I’d not done a whole lot since having our two kids and going back to work.  I admit I was quite intimidated by the idea of Crossfit, but after listening to Lee talk about it so much, and getting started with him at home, I felt a little more comfortable walking through those doors.
2.)What’s your favorite style of workout (style, movements, anything really), and what’s your least favorite?
I like the chipper style workouts best, I think… so when I finish with one movement I don’t have to go back to it!  I like the 10-20 minute workouts, so I really feel like I’ve sweated enough.  I like deadlifts, pull-ups, and handstand pushups.  I really don’t like lunges, wall balls, or snatches!
3.)What’s the wallpaper on your phone right now?
A family pic from our ski trip to Crested Butte, CO in March!
4.)What’s in your most frequently used emoji tab?
The crying smiley face
5.)What’s the first CD you ever bought?
Oh gosh – I’m pretty old, so that was a long time ago!! I don’t remember the first, but I know one of my favorites was always Aerosmith’s Big Ones – their greatest hits CD.
6.) What does HCF mean to you?
 Well lately Hurricane has been my second home!  It’s a place I can always count on finding a smile, a high-five, some encouragement and lots of laughs… I’ve found that I’ve gained more than just physical strength, I have found a mental strength, self-confidence, and determination to do things I never thought I’d be able to do – pull-ups, double unders, handstand walking, and pistols to name a few!


Adam Hebert


1.) Adam Hebert. Member of the Month! Congratulations! When did you start CrossFit, and what was your first experience like? Remember your first workout?

I first started crossfit in June of 2015 due to a lot of peer pressure from my sister, Michelle Traylor.  She kept working on me to get me to go and I kept trying to put it off because I was nervous about doing crossfit, or really working out in general, since I hadn’t really been active in probably 10 years.  My first experience there and a memory I don’t think I’ll ever forget was doing the baseline, it really put into perspective how far I had let myself go and right then I knew crossfit was going to kick my butt.  After the baseline I remember going home and just laying on the couch for two hours and being sore for days afterwards.   It was rough but I wish I had started sooner.


2.) If you could have a superpower what would it be?

Is all of them an acceptable answer?  No?  Shoot.  Well, there are so many to choose from including being rich like Batman and Iron Man, or having laser eyes like Superman to heat up soup for old women.  However, even after listing those amazing superpowers I think I would have to choose super speed like the Flash.  Essentially, super speed is the same as teleportation except that with super speed I would still be burning calories, it’s a win/win!!  I’d be able to travel the world, play pranks on friends, and save the occasional person from a disastrous situation.  Heck, I’d probably be able to actually get the house clean!


3.)  Since that first workout, how much weight have you lost and what are some other results you’ve had? *Drumroll*

Since my first workout, and starting at 275 pounds, I have lost just over 55 pounds!  Right now, my goal is to get to 200 and I’m not too far off from getting there.  Once I hit 200 I’ll set a new goal and strive for it.  In addition to weight loss comes better health in general.  I did a wellness checkup in February of 2015 and just about all of my results were in the red except for my Glucose level.  Total cholesterol wasn’t good at all, I didn’t have enough good cholesterol and had too much bad cholesterol.  I did another wellness check in July of 2016 and all of my numbers have improved.  My cholesterol levels have improved and are in the green and my doctor told me to keep doing what I’m doing because it’s working.

4.) We’re making a band. And you’re in it. What instrument are you playing? And what are we calling ourselves?!

I’m playing the cowbell!  I can tap along to any song but don’t ask me to do much more than that because I’m musically challenged.  As for the band name we chose to call ourselves “French Toast Mafia.”

5.) What does Hurricane mean to you?

Hurricane is a community to me, it’s a place where I can go workout and have a great time doing it.  I’m suffering alongside others who want to be there to better themselves as well and making friends in the process.  I also enjoy all the events I can attend, from beach volley ball to spikeball.  It’s nice to have that sense of community.


Casey Fuselier


1)  Casey! Congratulations! You are Hurricanes Athlete of the Month. If we could play a victory song for this announcement, what would you choose??

             Fight Song by Rachel Platten… I love this song. Part of the chorus says.. ” this is my fight song, take back my life song” and that’s why I started crossfit. To take back my life. To take control of my health and my future so that I could live an active life with my husband and son, and  to hopefully show my son a healthy lifestyle.
2)   You’ve been with us at HCF for a little over a year and a half now. When did you join, and tell us what that first class/experience was like.
             I started in January 2015. I remember thinking after my first class  ” I’m giving this 3 months and then I’m going back to Planet Fitness… I don’t ever almost pass out there!”  But things changed and I started to really see results with my body first and then I was able to do things I never thought I could do. The first time I did a double under I almost cried I was so excited.  I started to find a new sense of pride in myself that I had never had before

3)      What’s a day in the life of Casey. Let’s get some details.
          Dan would say I spend my days finding new way to annoy him but in actuality it just comes naturally, its kind of a gift. I’m pretty boring really, work then the gym and then I race home to spend time with my family.
4)      If you could only have one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be?
            House baked potato from Steamboat Bills… its a huge potato with crawfish etouffee and fried shrimp… its pretty much the most unhealthiest thing on the planet so I eat it like once a year.
5)      It’s a zombie apocalypse. What are the three things you are taking from your house?
             My family foremost,but then I guess all of Dans weapons, and then earplugs ( because everytime Dan buys a gun he always justifies it by saying its needed for a zombie apocalypse and I would never hear the end of how he was right and I was wrong.)
6) What does HCF mean to you?

  Hurricane  Crossfit  to me means having a future. Most of my family has been diagnosed with diabetes and heart disease. Through HCF I have lost over 50 pounds and am hoping to never get diagnosed with either of those. Crossfit means I can watch my son grow up. It means that I am able to be the best me for my husband.  It means that I am able to be the best me for me, which as wives and moms we sometimes forget about ourselves. Hurricane gives me a since of pride, it gives me goals to work towards and the support found at the gym is like none other. So a big thank you to everyone at the gym for all the encouragement over the past year. And to Dan for never letting me give up.


Cord Larsen


1.)Cord. June Athlete of the Month. What more is there to say. Such a positive, hard working, fun individual in our community. Tell us how you found CrossFit, and what brought you to HCF.
A few months after I moved to Lake Charles an old friend recommended crossfit to me and said I should try it. I was doing my own thing at the time so I figured why not. He was at Hurricane Crossfit at the time so I looked into it and signed up for a free class. I remember the first WOD I ever did. It was Daniel and it kicked my ass in a whole new level. I was in love with crossfit immediately and I’ve been hooked ever since!
2.)What’s a day in the life of Cord, outside of slinging barbells and throwing down burpees?  
My days are packed, especially during football season. I am a World History teacher, Head strength and conditioning coach, and defensive backs coach at Saint Louis. I spend the morning to early afternoon teaching my World History classes. It’s very rewarding and challenging at the same time. I am blessed to be at a great school with great kids. The afternoon in the fall involves either football practice or football games. I try to coach in an encouraging yet firm demeanor. I believe in building people up while instilling toughness, respect, and attitude. We work hard but we also have fun at the same time. We’ve had a lot of success and plan to keep improving. My evenings I try to relax as much as possible when they are free. I try to leave work at work. I may go hang out with friends or stay in and read or watch a show or two. I’m a simple person. I try do more things in the summer when things are not as hectic like take trips and see family and old friends.
3.)It takes less than a second to realize how much you’ve changed since starting CrossFit. Can you share with us some stats? 
When I started crossfit back in 2014 I was 248 pounds. I worked out but I mainly lifted and I ate like I was still a freshman in college playing football. After becoming dedicated to crossfit and modifying my eating habits over time Ive dropped almost 50 pounds. Right now I am at 201. I can easily say that I am in the best shape of my life and will only improve. I’ve learned there is no limitations on what you can do! 
4.)IF you were to have a cheat meal to celebrate such amazing success (and anything goes), what would it consist of?
Probably a sweep the kitchen pizza from Johnny’s and Sweet frog ice-cream. I could easily crush a large if I’m not careful. That’s really the only bad food that I like. The smell of Mcdonald’s makes me want to throw up.
5.)You have three choices. You are about to be transformed into either: A seagull, a porcupine(a mean one), or a moose. You have 10 seconds to decide. And why?  
Porcupine. It  sounds badass. It seems like it’s a chill animal, but tough at the same time.
6.)If we played a theme song for every member as they walked into the gym (Morgan, let’s do this), what would your’s be?
Cult of Personality by Living Colour. I just think that would be kinda cool and its a good pump up song.
7.)Now forget the theme song. But just as important question. If you could go on stage with any artist, to throw down a line or two, who (and where) would it be?
This is a complete 180 but Toby Keith would be cool. Anywhere really. I remember listening to a lot of his songs with my parents and brother when I was really young so that would be a cool thing to me.


Cindi Reed


1.)Cindi! You are the HCF Athlete of the Month. Congratulations! What’s your touchdown dance look like?
My touchdown dance would probably be the Funky Chicken followed by a chest bump with my teammate. I only say this because I know that I’ll never have to do one.

2.)How long have you been with us at HCF, and tell us about your first experience or workout.

This month makes two years that I have been at HCF.  My first workout was Baseline.  I THOUGHT I was in shape, but quickly found out how far that was from the truth.  I nearly died on the 500-calorie row.  My legs were noodles after the 40 squats.  I only just survived the 30 sit-ups.  I had to do the 20 push-ups on my knees and had to use a green band for my 10 pull-ups and did them 2 at a time.  My time was close to 11 minutes.   I left thinking ‘this is not for me’.  I could not get up from a sitting position without assistance for four days.  I hate feeling like a quitter, so I decided I would stick with it for 30 days, get the t-shirt and then tell you guys that Crossfit just wasn’t my thing.   After two weeks, I could already tell that I was stronger and that my body was changing (for the better).   I did the Baseline workout this past March RX in half the time.  I’d call that gainz.

3.)If you could make the workout, what would it be?

I am typically known to whine about the more challenging workouts.  Don’t tell ‘The Programmer’, but I secretly love them.  The more challenging they are, I feel the more fit I become.  So….my workout might look something like:  5 Rounds 20-wallballs, 15- box jumps, 10-kettle bell swings, 5 dead-lifts.

4.)Name a skill (or superpower as some may say) that you have that none of us know about.

My superpower?  That’s difficult.  The one thing I do constantly, faithfully and with purpose is pray.  So I would call myself a Prayer Warrior.

5.)If you were to open a restaurant, what feel would you go for?

If I opened a restaurant, it would be on the water.  It would be very casual and laid-back.  There would always be live music and the food would be fresh, healthy and tasty.

6.)What does HCF mean to you?

Hurricane Crossfit is what helps me maintain my sanity now a days.  I love the fact that the staff at HCF puts so much time and effort into making everyone feel special.  I enjoy the social events like Wine and WOD, Crawfish boils and Nutrition Classes.  To me HCF means fitness, friends, family and peace of mind.  When I offer my prayers of thanks for the blessings in my life, my Crossfit family is always included as one of those blessings.  Thank you HCF.  I love you all.


Chase Walling


1) So how did you find CrossFit, and how did you find us at HCF?

I found CrossFit through a former boss who is a longtime member of CrossFit at a Jennings, LA box.  I had been wanting to improve my physical condition for sometime but always quickly get so bored with “traditional” exercise or working out.  So she pushed and pulled and, with a little help from my primary care physician, convinced me to give CrossFit a try.  And I found Hurricane CrossFit through the help of HCF member Marketta Parker who kindly replied to my Facebook inquiry about Lake Charles CF gyms with words of support and encouragement as well as some important information about the amazing job the Hurricane coaches do to scale the movements so that anyone can join in and begin to take control of their own fitness.

2) If you were a SuperHero, which one matches best with your personality?

 It may be a bit cliché, but I would probably pick the Hulk.  I prefer to be rather quiet, mild-mannered, and focused on intellectual gainz like the Hulk’s alter ego, Bruce Banner, but I have always had some difficulty with anger.  Additionally, I enjoy mentally drawing parallels with the Hulk as I continue to work at uncovering and developing my own physical strength at HCF.


3) Spring is approaching. Any fun plans in the near future? And can we come? Like, all of us?

I plan to finish my master’s degree at the end of this spring semester.  There result of that is that my plans are sort of up in the air.  There may be a lot of transitions for me.  Let’s hope they will be fun.  If nothing else, I will have the fun of HCF.  Starting my days off there every morning at a time that I have not usually been able to function and with a consistency that I have never previously been able to maintain has already helped so much to keep me grounded and given me a sense of stability.  Plus, who can manage to stress and worry after their 20th burpee?  As far as all of HCF coming with me, you guys are already there with me at HCF and you are all welcome at graduation.  I think that I may be the first in my family to earn a postgraduate degree, and I am super excited.


4) You’re in the desert and you find a genie in a bottle….what are your 3 wishes? 

This is the sort of question that I am prone to answering at far too great a length.  ‘Wish’ suggests that absolutely anything could be requested.  Then I start to think about selfish wishes versus altruistic wishes, or all the pain and hurt in the world and whether or not good has any meaning if it the contrasting concept of evil could be removed, and on and on.  So for the sake of simplicity, I will restrict my considerations to wishes that focus mainly on me.  1) First, if I am in the desert somewhere, I would wish to get home safely ’cause coming from the wetlands of LA means that I have very little clue how to survive in the desert.  2) Next, this may be trite, but I would wish to remove monetary constraints from my life.  3) Lastly, I would wish for some significant medical advance that would form the basis for some sort of panacea that would largely and universally remove the threat of disease and illness.  Runner-up wish) I would wish that someone would open up a seriously healthy chain of fast food restaurants, ’cause cooking and eating healthy gets time consuming and tedious at times–I miss the simplicity of the drive-thru.


Cherie Norsworthy


Cherie! We love having you at HCF. What inspired you to come through our doors for the first time?
I have to give credit to my husband for introducing me to CrossFit. He has always been very physically fit and active. He has more energy than he knows what to do with and he hates to sit still so he finds things that he loves to do. I on the other hand, am OK with sitting still. He asked me years ago to go to Karate. Then he got into Jiujitsu and again he asked me to go with him and again I said no. So when he started CrossFit and asked me to go with him, I thought this is something I think I can do. It is time I join him so I can keep up with him in the future. Husbands/ fathers influence their families so much more than they know…for the good or the bad. I am so thankful Greg has been a good influence on me and our family.
Tell us a little about yourself. What’s a day in the life?
Well I’ve officially gone inactive as a Realtor so I’ve traded in showing houses, listing homes and writing contracts for reading with my grandkids, waiting for the school bus, checking for chicken eggs, playing golf, going to CrossFit and spending lots of time with my kiddos and my mom. It’s been a great trade! Technically I’ve been semi-retired for several years. I decided to slow down when my first grandchild was born so I could spend more time with her and help out if I was needed. I am so thankful that I am able to do that.
Who is your hero, and why?
I don’t really have one person in particular but I admire people who give their time to people in need. It is easy to give money but something altogether different when you give your time.
If you could go on “America’s Got Talent”, what would you showcase?
I guess it would have to be my hand stand push-ups. Since Greg has posted the video of me doing them, I sure get a lot of pats on the back which makes me feel great. Between that video and my “Las Vegas” video sometimes I feel like I am famous. HAHA!
What did you want to be when you were 10 years old?
Its funny I don’t remember ever wanting to be anything other than a mom when I was a kid. Guess the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. I am so thankful I was able to stay home with my kids when they were small. After they were both in school is when I started selling Real Estate.
You’re about to be featured on the Food Network for a single dish. What would it be?
If I was going to be featured on the Food Network for a single dish it would have to be my Gumbo. I always compare everyone else’s to mine and I always win. LOL!
If you could fly anywhere in the world, for just a 6 hour window, where would you spend it?
If I could fly anywhere for a 6 hour window I think I would go back to Big Sur in California. It is by far the most beautiful place I have ever seen. I really think God spent extra time there because around EVERY corner is a captivating view. It is breath taking to say the least.


Caleb Monroe



1.)How did you initially find CrossFit, and what was your first experience?
  I was introduced to CrossFit by Jon G.  He used to hold a training class at MaxFit once a week which was where he slowly began having me perform CrossFit moves.  It was mostly body weight stuff, but every once in a while he would make do lifts like cleans or overhead squats.  I distinctly remember that I was terrible at cleans and that 95lbs was heavy to me.  Looking back now it’s kind of funny that I struggled that much, but its also nice seeing how far I have come since he convinced me to go to Hurricane.
2.)You’re in class and everybody is hurting during a long AMRAP. Time to break out into a solo with the microphone. What are you singing?
If I had to sing something to bring up lift our spirits then I am going with either Separate Ways by Journey or Are You Gonna Be My Girl by Jet.
3.)If you could visit anywhere in the world for a day, with instant travel time, where would you want to go (and do)?
I would go to Italy, because I love to eat pasta, and I would like to see all of the sights that make Italy such a beautiful country.
4.)What does a day in the life of Caleb (that has a ring to it, we could be onto something) look like outside of HCF?
My days are usually jam packed, especially when I am teaching.  I wake up most mornings around 5:30 and get to St. Louis at 6:40 so that I can get ready to teach my Algebra 2 and Chemistry Honors class.  I spend most of my days doing my best to educate the youth while also trying my hardest to not punch anyone in the face for saying stupid things.  The little time I have left in my days are usually filled with either learning music for the cover band or reading comic books.  Yes, I am real life geek who loves to read actual comic books, not just watch the movies.  My wife, Jamie, and I spend most of our nights watching our favorite T.V. shows like New girl, Top Chef, and Flash before going to bed at 10 because we love sleep.  My life is pretty predictable and some might even say boring, but I love it.  I am trying to do all of these things as much as possible before our first kid comes in two months and changes everything for the better.
5.)Give us a fun fact that we don’t know about you. Until now.
I have self published a fiction book series called: The Quarantine Series  on Amazon.  Its a trilogy revolving around alternate history and aliens.  I am currently finishing up another two book series that will be out this summer summer.


Michelle Traylor



How long have you been at HCF? What pushed you to come for the first time?

I’ve been crossfitting for 1.5 years. This May will make it 2 years. When I saw a couple friends doing it and enjoying it, I thought “if they could do it, then I can”. And although it seems scary and intimidating, my only regret is not starting sooner.

What does a day in the life of Michelle look like outside of being a rockstar Crossfitter?

Outside of crossfit, I am a full time veterinarian, wife and mother of two active kids. All of these things keep me pretty busy.

If you could go to any concert, go backstage, and party all night with any artist (dead or alive) which one would you go to?

Well, I hate going to concerts, but if I could just hang out with one artist, it would be Snoop D-O-G-G!!! He would be a lot of fun.

Maybe a little more realistic… if you could sing one song to us to fire us up for the workout, what would you sing?

This song is taking me the longest to decide…it’s stressing me out a little, there are so many to choose from. I do like rap music, so I would pick 679 by Fetty Wap (but I would never sing it!)

What does Hurricane CrossFit mean to you?

Hurricane Crossfit has allowed me to become strong and active, in a way I could never have in any other exercise environment. Sometimes I get frustrated in myself when I think I could have done better or gone faster. But when I look back to where I started, I realize how far I have come.

What is us a fun-fact about Michelle that no one may guess… something not even the 5:45am class knows.

A fun fact… I don’t know, I’m pretty boring I think. However, Matt and I recently became scuba certified, and we have a dive trip scheduled to the Florida Keys in May (we will miss Murph, darn!)