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  • Tim Lightfoot's success story

    Tim Lightfoot

    I live in Georgia and travel a lot with my job. In September of 2011 I had just turned 40. I was out of shape and knew I had to do something. I had no athletic background and wasn’t sure what to do. I was in Lake Charles at this time so I contacted H...

    Tim Lightfoot

  • Melissa McDaniel's success story

    Melissa McDaniel

    I started at Hurricane Crossfit in September 2013. I was a 36 year old mother of three boys and was searching for something I could do to get in shape. I tried so many other things but could not stick to anything. I felt tired all the time and lost som...

    Melissa McDaniel

  • Kerry Miller's success story

    Kerry Miller

    My story starts like everyone else’s. I work full time and I’m too busy taking care of everyone else to worry about me. I had not stepped foot in a gym in many years but knew I needed to really bad. I have a degenerative disk in my lower back which ca...

    Kerry Miller

  • Jeff Keenum's success story
    Jeff Keenum's success story

    Jeff Keenum

    I’m Jeff Keenum. Lots of people call me Jazzy. I played high school football at Barbe and college football at UL-Lafayette. I’m 45 years old and I work at the Lake Charles Police Department. I’ve had two hip surgeries. One in February 2009, the oth...

    Jeff Keenum

  • Jason Stewart's success story

    Jason Stewart

    I first heard about Crossfit from my cousin Christina 3 1/2 years ago, but because of a shoulder injury from the Army I was not able to workout. After surgery and physical therapy, I started going to a local gym and was not happy with the results. At this...

    Jason Stewart

  • Cord Larsen's success story
    Cord Larsen's success story

    Cord Larsen

    My name is Cord Larsen and I began Crossfit a year ago in September. After I finished college football I went into a slump in which I did not exercise for almost a year. Eventually I got out of that slump and began to exercise again but was inconsisten...

    Cord Larsen

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