Tim Lightfoot

"Tim Lightfoot"

Tim Lightfoot

I live in Georgia and travel a lot with my job. In September of 2011 I had
just turned 40. I was out of shape and knew I had to do something. I had no
athletic background and wasn’t sure what to do. I was in Lake Charles at
this time so I contacted Hurricane CF. They introduced me
to CF and scheduled a CF baseline WOD for me the next day. I’ll never
forget that day for sure. It was rough but well worth it. I’ve been hooked
on CF ever since. This has been a life changer for me. I honestly feel
better than I ever have. In September 2013 I received my CFL1 and I help
out as a Trainer when Im back home in Georgia at War Town CF. As I
mentioned I travel a lot. So I get to try out a lot of CF boxes, and trust
me it just doesn’t get any better than Hurricane CF.

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